About Us

The mission of Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) is to promote and support clinical practices owned by Audiologists.

Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) stands for quality, integrity and independence in hearing and balance care. Our association promotes a high standard of knowledge and reputable conduct amongst audiologists in private independent practices.

Our members hold specialized University qualifications in audiology and adopt quality clinical and ethical standards.

We support independent choice of devices based on individual need identified through professional diagnostic assessment.

Our Executive is elected from our membership at each annual general meeting.  The serving executive is as follows:

President:            Myriam Westcott
Vice President: Grant Collins
Treasurer:            Deborah Pallett
Secretary:            Tricia Sharples
Mel Gray-Thompson,   Sharyn Lim, Phillipa Long, Jane MacDonald, Elaine Melville and Nolene Nielson,

Executive Officer: Dr Louise Collingridge

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Promotes and supports clinical practices owned by audiologists