Our code of ethics promotes the best possible care for clients* and patients and the maintenance of trust between audiologists, patients and the community at large. Our code recognizes that audiologists have a special position of responsibility in the community and are obliged to employ sound and ethical, clinical and business practices which are open to scrutiny by all.  We encourage the public to seek out independent audiology services to be sure of transparency in billing for products and services.

Our code acknowledges that clients / patients have a right to participate in decision making and to be provided with accurate information with which to make these decisions.

As an association, we will investigate complaints made against our members.

Any complaint can be sent by mail, email, fax or for advice, call us on 0424 720 915

The ideals and responsibilities of members of Independent Audiologists Australia  are:

  1. To keep the hearing welfare of the client uppermost at all times, and to assist all in need to receive appropriate hearing care.
  2. To gain and maintain appropriate competencies to provide quality hearing care.
  3. To promote client participation in decision which affect their hearing welfare by providing information in terms which they, the clients understand.
  4. To refer to another practitioner whenever further expertise is necessary for the client’s benefit.
  5. To maintain their practices in keeping with professional standards and to subject themselves to review by the Committee when necessary.
  6. To maintain client privacy.
  7. To maintain and promote cordial and mutually useful relationships with members of their own and other professions.
  8. To ensure that the clinician-client transaction is transparent, including influences of third parties.
  9. To enhance the profession of audiology and not bring it into disrepute.

Further details related to IAA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are available using the links below.

* The term client refers broadly to all patients, family members, health or medical practitioners who refer patients to audiologists, and other colleagues relying on the service of audiologists.

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