Independent Audiologists Australia Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct


“IAA” means Independent Audiologists Australia Inc
“AAAPP” means Australian Association of Audiologists in Private Practice, search   the name of the association between 1987 and March 2014
“Client” means a direct recipient of audiological services. The term may include patients, students, research participants, third party funders, facilitators or sponsors.
“Code” means this Code of Ethics, Code of Professional Conduct and Mode of Practice and includes this list of definitions.
“Member” means any member of IAA
“Practice” means the premises where an Audiologist conducts his or her professional activities.
“Prescription” means the complete details required for the fitting of hearing aids, ear moulds, and associated assistive listening devices.
“Professional Service” means any activity involving audiological consultation or examination, and/or selection, prescription, evaluation and maintenance of hearing devices for which a fee is due.
“Publication” means any form of dissemination of information and includes without limitation all avenues of communication”.

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