IAA Code of Ethics

Independent Audiologists Australia
Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct


Independent Audiologists Australia’s  Code promotes the provision of best possible care for clients and the maintenance of trust between Audiologists (Members), their clients and the community at large.

IAA’s Code is based on three fundamental principles:

Firstly, as experts in their field, members have a special position of trust in the community and are obliged not to abuse this trust. Members have a primary responsibility to act at all times in such a manner as to safeguard the best interest of their clients.

Secondly, clients have a right to participate in their own hearing health care decisions and to be provided with accurate information with which to make these decisions. Information includes awareness of relevant relationships between Members and other parties.

Thirdly, members need to employ sound and ethical clinical and business practices which are open to scrutiny by all. Such practices should not bring the profession of audiology into public disrepute.

IAA Code of Ethics & Practice November 2014

Promotes and supports clinical practices owned by audiologists