Hearing and Deafness in Children: Identity, Trust and Technology

Thinking creatively about hearing and deafness in children

24 – 26 February 2017


Dr Donna McDonald (Griffith University)
Prof Greg Leigh (
Ann Porter (Aussie Deaf Kids)
Dr Wayne Wilson (University of Queensland)
Alex Jones (Deaf Society NSW)
Leonie Jackson (Deaf Society NSW)
Dr Dunay
Schmulian (Consultant)
Dr Judith Boswell (NT Health)
Grant Collins (Clarity Hearing Solutions,  Independent Audiologist)
Emma van
Wanrooy (Pittwater,  Hearing, Independent Audiologist)
Dr Chyrisse Heine (La Trobe University)
Mark Thurston (Port Macquarie Acoustics)
Ashleigh Donald (Hearing Excellence, NZ)
With contributions from
Deafness Foru
m, Parents of Deaf Children and the National Disability Insurance Agency.



Image: Blue Beach Girl. Lino-print. Art work by Donna McDonald; Printed by Wim deVos, Studio West End. 2016.

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