Independent Audiologists

Why consult an independent audiologist?


Independent audiologists own and operate their own practices,  which means that the owner of the clinic has qualified at university and is trained as an audiologist.

Independent audiologists are not owned by or closely affiliated to hearing device manufacturers.

Independent audiologists provide continuity of service – you will see the same audiologist at each visit and know that the work of any employee is overseen by a qualified audiologist.

Independent audiologists do not work to sales targets or receive commission on hearing device sales.

Independent audiologist provide advice and guide your rehabilitation decisions.  Full explanations will be given for all recommendations that are linked to your hearing and communication needs.

Independent audiologists will deliver professional services tailored to your needs, as shown from a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Independent audiologists can offer government funded services – for Office of Hearing Services voucher holders, WorkCover or WorkSafe candidates, Department of Veterans Affairs and where Medicare rebates apply.



Promotes and supports clinical practices owned by audiologists