Promoting Audiology in the Digital Era – Abstracts

The Creative Destruction of Audiology: How to Survive the Boom! – Brian Taylor

The Creative Destruction of Audiology: How to Survive the Boom! will review three societal trends impacting the profession, and provide five tactics that practitioners can implement in their practice to differentiate their unique offerings from bog-box retailers. The content of this course is geared to independent clinicians and small business owners.


Audiology and the Crystal Ball: Audiologists in the Digital Era – Dave Fabry

The context influencing the practice of audiology will be discussed, such as the aging baby boom generation,  the emergence of the AuD (in the US) and widespread attempts to commoditize the role of the professional in the process of providing hearing healthcare.  Threats and opportunities for audiologists in independent practice will be identified, and strategies for positioning professional audiological practice will be considered, through interactive discussion.


Sharing Health Record Information About Patients In The Electronic Age – Andrew Magennis

This presentation combines theoretical background and practical demonstrations of software solutions for:

  • Communicating electronically with doctors – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • The PCEHR  – what is it, how does it work and do you need to know about it
  • Billing in Audiology – there has to be an easier way.


The Discipline of Market Leadership: Customer Intimacy for Audiologists – Brian Taylor

Patient satisfaction and loyalty are the by-products of delivering a compelling and persuasive value proposition to your marketplace. Using research from leading universities, this 2 hour presentation will introduce three different paths to market leadership and emphasis how the discipline of customer intimacy is the right path for independent audiology and hearing aid dispensing practices. By narrowing their focus, practitioners will learn how identify and implement best practices designed to help them achieve a market leadership position within their respective community.


The Paperless Practice: Elusive or Illusory? – Lindsay Symons

Integrating the diverse software used by audiologists in their day-to-day practice is the key to streamlining record-keeping and eliminating paper records. Some of the challenges in moving information between software packages will be presented, along with the design principles underlying the  continuing development of the Hear Aid Practice Management program and how Hear Aid deals with those challenges to achieve the almost-paperless office.


eHealth, Medicare Locals, and Australia’s Changing Regulations – Jo-Anna Wood

Electronic record keeping and sharing presents challenges to practices as they meet regulatory requirements and adapt to expectations of health teams.  The National eHealth Transition Authority is currently overseeing how patient privacy and regulatory control can accommodate opportunities for efficiency presented by online and electronic technologies.  Medicare Locals are established in an attempt to formulate effective healthcare teams.  This presentation will address both the regulatory history and transition process, and the practical application of eHealth within the context of Medicare Locals.  The presentation will allow for interaction and discussion time.


Changing Mindsets from Product to Service: Audiology at a Crossroad – Gerhard Stoop

This 1 hour facilitated discussion workshop will draw on the experience of participants in both bundling and unbundling, and implementing change in their own practices in identifying practical strategies for the collective group (ie AAAPP) and for individual clinics to take, to minimise risks and maximise opportunities in the case of changed models of practice.  The following will specifically be addressed: Consequences of retaining bundled fees and device costs; benefits (if any) and risks (if any) to clinics who have already unbundled fees and device costs; consequences of the dominant model remaining that of bundled fees and potential consequences of unbundled fees and device costs as the dominant model of practice for audiology in Australia.


Let’s Google – Katherine Toates

This presentation will increase understanding of the power and importance of promoting business in the digital age and why online resources are crucial to the growth and sustainability of businesses today.  The paper will empower owners of independent audiology practices to embrace new methods of marketing, and retain currency, in time efficient and effective ways.  Relevant recent statistics, as well as new ways to think, view, capture and work with consumer information will be included.  Delegates will gain an understanding of search engines and other online resources that would assist the promotion of independent audiology practices.

Promotes and supports clinical practices owned by audiologists