The ABC and Radio National featured the ACCC investigation into audiology and the sale of hearing aids in Australia in news broadcasts during June 2016.

Listen to the ABC from 28 June 2016 segment here.

Read the transcript of ACCC investigates rorting claims in audiology industry – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Listen to the follow up segment from  30 June 2016 here.

Read the transcript of Peak audiology bodies call for reform 30 June 2016

The ACCC advised us that:

  • The ACCC sought to understand consumer experiences though a survey to explore the nature and extent of concerns about the sale of hearing devices.
  • Responses to the survey highlighted a range of consumer concerns and we have been following up on some of the examples and to obtain further information.
  • The ACCC is reviewing the information but hasn’t yet formed a view as to whether consumer law issues arise. We expect to say something publicly in the coming months.
  • Although the survey has concluded, if consumers or clinicians would like to raise concerns about the sale of hearing devices they may continue to do so by contacting the ACCC’s Infocentre on 1300 302 502 or by visiting the ACCC’s website and lodging an online complaint.

IAA has promoted regulation of the audiology profession as a healthcare profession under AHPRA, in line with the way our colleagues in closely affilliated professions are regulated (including optometry, occupational therapy, psychology, nursing, medicine, Chinese medical practitioners and others).

We recently surveyed audiologists to ask if they think audiology should be a regulated profession in Australia, as it is in many other countries.  97% of audiologists answered “yes”.  The other 3 %  said they did not know.  No audiologists answered “no”

IAA has been seeking to educate its members, the audiology profession, and affiliated consumer groups about the need for regulation of audiology for several years.

Download the IAA paper here: IAA Regulation of Audiology in Australia July 2015

Read our Wellington Declaration calling for a clear separation of industry and profession, taken up by IAA  in 2015.

Our code of ethics, which all members are signatories to, is available here.

Follow discussion about regulation and audiology in The Conversation – here.

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