Independent Audiologists Australia is a not for profit professional association that promotes and supports clinical practices owned by audiologists.

Members of Independent Audiologists Australia are individuals who hold audiology qualifications and a financial interest in an audiology related business that is at least 50 % owned by audiologists. The association represents 96 members whose practices operate from more than 200 locations.

The association delivers an Excellence in Education programme of seminars and master classes on topics directly relevant to best clinical and business practice in Audiology. The programme is delivered at locations across Australia – taking into account convenience and affordability for those attending. Members of the association receive priority placement at all seminars and master classes. Selected seminars are open to members only,    but most seminars are open to both members and non-members. Feedback from participants and delegates is that IAA events are of a very high standard in terms of content,    speakers and organization.

The association website includes a members’ only section where seminar and other resources are made available. The association subscribes to the Academy of Doctors of Audiology on behalf of its members and is closely associated with Independent Audiologists New Zealand,    sharing online resources and holding joint ongoing education events.

Recent and upcoming seminars and master classes delivered by Independent Audiologists Australia include:

• Promoting Audiology in the Digital Era – Melbourne, February 2014
• Audiology Care for Aging Adults – master class series – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, May 2014
• Beyond The Pure Tone Audiogram – workshop- Sydney, October 2014
• Aural Rehabilitation: Essential Tools for Clinical Practice – master classes
Melbourne, 20 & 27 February, 2015
• Independence Matters: Professionalism in Healthcare (in association with Independent Audiologists New Zealand) – Wellington, NZ, 15 – 17 May, 2015
• Tinnitus, Misophonia and Hyperacusis –
Melbourne, 23 – 25 October, 2015.
• Patient-Centred Audiologic Care –
Sydney, 11 – 13 March 2016
• Employment Matters (Members Only)
Brisbane, 28 – 30 October 2016
• Hearing and Deafness in Children: Identity, Trust and Technology
24 – 26 February 2017

Sponsorship of Independent Audiology Australia enables the association to promote and support the independent practice of audiology and to deliver an Excellence in Education programme of superior quality.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to cover a 12 month period from
1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 for a fee of $8 500.00 (plus GST)


1. Your company logo will be displayed on the Independent Audiologists Australia website
2. Company logo will be printed on all seminar and master class programmes
3. Links to your company and/or company documents will be created from our members’ only section of our website.
4. Your company’s promotional events and ongoing education events will be advertised on our Events section of our website, which is accessible to the public, at your request.
5. You will be invited to register up to 2 company representatives at Independent Audiologists Australia seminars and networking functions offered during the sponsorship period for the same registration fee as is paid by members of the association.

Conditions and Procedures

1. Sponsorship ($8 500.00 plus GST) is due by 31 July 2016.
Pay by direct deposit to Independent Audiologists Australia Inc
Contact IAA for account details.
2. If you are sponsoring Independent Audiologists Australia for the first time, or if your company logo has changed in the past 12 months, please send your company logo as a jpg or png file to: exec@independentaudiologists.net.au
Your company logo will be uploaded to our website after 1 July 2016.
3. Send details of your preferred contact person and their contact details (telephone and email) to exec@independentaudiologists.net.au
4. Send documents or website links that your company wishes to have uploaded to the Independent Audiologists Australia website to exec@independentaudiologists.net.au
5. Your company will be invited to renew your sponsorship for a further 12 months by 30 June 2017.
6. Sponsorship is neither binding nor restrictive on the policies, associations, membership, practices or other sources of funding of Independent Audiologists Australia.

Sponsorship of Independent Audiologists Australia provides an excellent opportunity for your company to be associated with a leading and growing professional association that supports and promotes independence, ethical and best audiological practice.

For further information please contact exec@independentaudiologists.net.au
or call 0424 720 915.

Promotes and supports clinical practices owned by audiologists